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Jody Matzenbacher

IL: Waterloo

Where I’m from:

My name is Jody, and I grew up on a farm in Waterloo, IL.


I have 2 daughters, Leah 16 & Jenna 5.  I love spending time with my girls, whether it’s swimming, riding bikes, going for walks, or watching a movie together.


Some of my favorite things are summer nights, fall campfires, all Italian food, ice cream, a good chick-flick, all things beach, and quoting lines from Friends!


I graduated from Waterloo High School, and received my Bachelors in Marketing from St. Louis University.

I have loved music and singing since I was a little girl.  I grew up singing around the piano with my 3 older sisters. I sang in chorus all through school, and was a member of the Show Choir.  I made All-State and All-State Honors my junior & senior year of high school.  I received a music scholarship to attend St. Louis University and was selected to sing with the SLU Mastersinger’s Choir. This elite group traveled to Spain & France on a concert tour as well as performed locally around St. Louis.  After college, my sister and I co-founded an invitational choir within our community called Hometown Harmony.  We have 45 members and perform 2 concerts per year.  We’ve always tried to incorporate children into our concerts.  It brings me joy to watch a child sing and perform, but it’s truly magical when a child transforms inside and their confidence begins to grow.  That’s when their passion kicks in!  I’m so excited to bring Singers Company to the children of my community!


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Jody Matzenbacher

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IL: Waterloo

“We sing, we move, and most of all - we have fun!”

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